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More than a million Americans get joint replacement surgery every year, and over the next decade, researchers expect that number to quadruple. Joint replacement is a safe surgery that can end your joint pain and mobility issues, but for that outcome, you need nothing less than a premier orthopedic surgeon. Michael V. Elman M.D., P.C., is widely recognized as a leading orthopedic practice, and with Dr. Elman’s extensive experience in traditional, robotic, and minimally invasive joint replacement, he’s a doctor you can rely upon. Call the Braintree, Massachusetts office, or click online booking now.

Joint Replacement Q & A

What is joint replacement surgery?

Joint replacement surgery involves either the partial or full prosthetic replacement of a damaged, diseased, or worn joint. The most common joint replacement surgeries involve the hip, knee, and shoulder joints, all of which are crucial for normal function. 

Should I have a partial or complete joint replacement?

Dr. Elman advises each patient on a case-by-case basis. There are some advantages to partial joint replacement, such as reduced bleeding, faster recovery, and less pain during healing. 

Dr. Elman can review all the considerations to help you decide the right type of joint replacement for you.

How is joint replacement surgery performed?

Traditional joint replacement 

In traditional joint replacement, implants are placed using the surgeon’s eye and free hand measurements.  Dr. Elman utilizes such techniques in shoulder replacement, where robotic-assisted surgery has yet to be developed.

Robotic-assisted joint replacement

In robotic-assisted joint replacement, Dr. Elman uses advanced CT imaging to make a precise 3D model of the joint. He uses this model along with intra-operative measurements to taylor implant position to each patient’s anatomy and optimize outcomes.  This is available for use in hip and knee replacement and is Dr. Elman’s preferred technique to perform such surgeries.

Robotic-assisted joint replacement can decrease blood loss and improve safety.  Optimizing implant position can improve motion and stability of the joint. 

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