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Ultrasound imaging is often important to diagnose shoulder, back, and knee pain, and it’s equally essential for injection delivery. For those reasons, Michael V. Elman M.D., P.C., has an in-office ultrasound in the conveniently located Braintree, Massachusetts, office. When you’re suffering from serious pain, in-office ultrasound-guided injections can be the non-surgical solution you need. Call the office or click on the appointment tool now.

Ultrasound Q & A

What is an ultrasound?

An ultrasound is a safe and comfortable imaging tool. Ultrasounds use sound waves that bounce off your body’s internal structures to form an image.  The same technology that visualizes a developing fetus or assesses for deep venous thrombosis can be utilized to see musculoskeletal structures.

How is an ultrasound different from an X-ray for imaging?

X-rays are valuable tools for showing damage in hard tissue, aka your bones. An X-ray won’t generally reveal issues within your tendons or ligaments, but an ultrasound can reveal valuable information about the soft tissues. 

With an ultrasound, Dr. Elman gets real-time images from within your body, while an X-ray captures images in a single plane and at a single moment in time. Many injuries and diseases happen within your body’s soft tissues, and an ultrasound can be a valuable tool to identify serious issues as early as possible.

When would I need an ultrasound?

If you have a tendon disorder ultrasound can help visualize problem.  If you are a candidate for an injection, ultrasound can help accurately and effectively deliver it.

Many orthopedics patients get injections such as corticosteroids for pain relief, or platelet-rich plasma (PRP) for tendon damage. Dr. Elman uses ultrasound imaging to visualize the injections as he places them in your small or large joints, tendons, or other areas. 

Ultrasound guidance allows Dr. Elman to get the injection into the exact spot where it can go improving accuracy and success for patients.

Ultrasound is used by Dr. Elman most frequently in his office for injections, but also is invaluable as the imaging tool for the cutting edge Tenex technology designed to treat tendon disorders in a minimally invasive fashion as an alternative to open surgery.  Examples of tendon problems that could benefit from the Tenex procedure include medial and lateral epicondylitis and calcific tendinitis that can affect many areas.